In appreciation for ongoing care of Ray.  Thanks to you who are “hands on” and any “behind the scenes” people who make your company tick smoothly.


Amity Care Hospice is truly a God send!  You all were such helpful hands in my family’s time of transition.  Your entire crew helped us in more ways than one.  We couldn’t have gotten through such a difficult time without Amity Care.  Words can’t express the gratitude and respect that we have for you all.

Donna is a true angel and so good at what she does.  Thanks for taking the time to literally walk us through Daddy’s final days here on earth.  I know he appreciated you all as much as we do.  Because of Amity Care, I have a new perception about Hospice Care.  Thanks again for your support, help and patience! 

Amity Care is truly the best! 

Best Regards

S Family

Dear Barbara and the Amity Care Hospice Family

I can’t thank you enough for the love, care and concern you had for ---------, and how much I appreciate the support you gave me during the time you took care of my sister.  You truly made a difference in how I was able to come to terms with her passing.  You are a wonderful group of people and I thank God for each of you.

With love and deep appreciation


Dear Amity Care Hospice Friends,

Thank you so much for caring for mother in such a dignified and loving expression of Christ love for us.  Her journey completed in peace, her souls is now at peace in the eternity with God.  All the caregivers were terrific and the Chaplains were great.  What a great team to offer God’s love to His people.  Mother would thank you also!

Forever Thanks

L&P. N

Thank you all for your loving care for my husband and me.  May God bless each one of you as you minister in His name.  I will always remember you with prayer and my love to each.


To Amity Hospice Care Team for ------------- (Valerie, Kay, Samantha, Cheryl, Destiny, Carolyn, Chaplain Andy, Nelu)

I cannot say enough about the care, comfort and reassurance you provided to my sister during her final months.  You exceeded our every expectations.

Samantha-She called you “Baby Girl” and came to love you dearly and eagerly awaited the days when you came.  You uplifted her by calling her “Your Princess”.

Kay, Carolyn, Destiny-She respected your care and the fact that you answered her questions.  It was important to her to have facts.

Valerie-You won her confidence the first day and she always felt she could rely on you.

Nelu-Your visit and sharing meant so much.

Cheryl-Your visits helped to relax her and helped her to understand let go worry.

Chaplain Andy and Valerie-It meant so much to me for you to come to the funeral home.  I went on the website and learned more about Amity and was impressed.  Maybe one day I will be able to volunteer but for now I want to make a small contribution to the Foundation.

I know that ------- is at peace and that she finally got what she so desperately wanted – to be healed.  God had new lungs waiting for her in heaven.


To the Staff of Amity Care:

You have been with me from the 1st signature on the page when we first needed our help, almost two years.  I would say we know each other quite well!  You have directed me, guided me, taught me, encouraged me, stood beside me, held me and cried with me.

Thank you for taking me down this unknown path with such professionalism.  Upon your putting papers in front of me to sign concerning the care you would give my Dad along his journey, to signing the Death Certificate when the time came.  It was all very gentle!!

It all happened as you said so it took a lot of fear and anxiety from the situation.

I know it made it easier for you also since Dad was so cooperative.  That was my Dad saying, “I feel like a million dollars” every time you would ask.

Even the timing of Dad’s passing early morning and I find him dead alone was how he would have wanted it.  No Big Fuss!!  But thank goodness my two angels from hospice were:  Thank you so much.


Thank you for your holiday greetings.  It was a poignant season without Dad, but time for a lot of fond memories to comfort us.  On behalf of the entire family of ----, I want to thank you all for the loving care you ministered to our Dad the last 3 ½ months of his life.  We are so grateful that when we couldn’t be with him, you were there to comfort him.  Does your organization accept donations?  We would like to make a small contribution to such a worthy organization.  Again, we feel grateful and blessed that you served us.


Your care of my mother, was appreciated.  You made her last days and hours a comfort and gave us peace knowing her every need was met. Blessings

AJ and family
Thank you for your gentle and focused concern and care for our mama during her most fragile time.  Your quiet and trained ministrations will always be remembered and appreciated.  The card was beautiful and the sentiments expressed were perfect.  Thank you all for the wonderful services you provide and the people’s lives you touch.  Our direct contact was with Valerie and Teresa and Andy and Jenny and we thank you so much.

W&J. R

Dear friends and staff,

A deep and sincere thank you for having added great value to my Dad’s life in his last 18 months.  On a weekly basis, Tamika, Kay, Chaplain Andy, Donna and others treated him with not only the utmost professional care but a sincere personal caring that meant so very much through a very difficult time.  The strong character exhibited by your staff sets an industry standard that no other hospice can match.

At about 8:30 the night before my Dad passed, Cheryl and three other wonderful ladies volunteered their personal time and came in and sang several songs to my father.  The songs were a cappella and created a peaceful spiritual aura that I know sank into my Dad as it did me.  It made his journey easier I know.

Our family was blessed to have had the good fortune of having had the Amity staff in our corner.

God will bless you all.

With warmest regards to all,

Dear Sir or madam, We feel overwhelming gratitude for the people who helped us thru the final days of our dear wife, mother, and grandmother;------ .  The caring support, the willingness to assist any time day or night, their combined knowledge and experience, and the speed with which they responded made her last days much more bearable.   At this time it is too soon to fully express our feelings, but please convey our thanks to the your wonderful staff.  

E Family