To the Staff of Amity Care:

You have been with me from the 1st signature on the page when we first needed our help, almost two years.  I would say we know each other quite well!  You have directed me, guided me, taught me, encouraged me, stood beside me, held me and cried with me.

Thank you for taking me down this unknown path with such professionalism.  Upon your putting papers in front of me to sign concerning the care you would give my Dad along his journey, to signing the Death Certificate when the time came.  It was all very gentle!!

It all happened as you said so it took a lot of fear and anxiety from the situation.

I know it made it easier for you also since Dad was so cooperative.  That was my Dad saying, “I feel like a million dollars” every time you would ask.

Even the timing of Dad’s passing early morning and I find him dead alone was how he would have wanted it.  No Big Fuss!!  But thank goodness my two angels from hospice were:  Thank you so much.