To Amity Hospice Care Team for ————- (Valerie, Kay, Samantha, Cheryl, Destiny, Carolyn, Chaplain Andy, Nelu)

I cannot say enough about the care, comfort and reassurance you provided to my sister during her final months.  You exceeded our every expectations.

Samantha-She called you “Baby Girl” and came to love you dearly and eagerly awaited the days when you came.  You uplifted her by calling her “Your Princess”.

Kay, Carolyn, Destiny-She respected your care and the fact that you answered her questions.  It was important to her to have facts.

Valerie-You won her confidence the first day and she always felt she could rely on you.

Nelu-Your visit and sharing meant so much.

Cheryl-Your visits helped to relax her and helped her to understand let go worry.

Chaplain Andy and Valerie-It meant so much to me for you to come to the funeral home.  I went on the website and learned more about Amity and was impressed.  Maybe one day I will be able to volunteer but for now I want to make a small contribution to the Foundation.

I know that ——- is at peace and that she finally got what she so desperately wanted – to be healed.  God had new lungs waiting for her in heaven.